Thursday, July 23, 2009

McAuley Schenker Group - When I'm Gone


Written by : Jesse Harms/Robin McAuley
From the album : M.S.G (1992)

It's early morning, not quite awake
The urge is calling and I can't wait
I need you now, Oh!
Your body moves, we feel like one
You open your eyes and I feel so strong
I want you now, more than ever

You laugh when I cry
I'm beginning to see the reason why
Don't go thinking I'll never leave
'Cause you won't be laughin'
You won't believe (You better believe)

Chorus #1:
When I'm gone baby, gone
Who's gonna hold you
From dark until dawn
And who will be there
That can love you like me
When I'm gone?

Your clothes are hanging on the floor
My room is full of the night before
And the promise you made to love me forever

Oh! You can't use me
Then just up and leave
You got it wrong
You better believe
If I walk out that door
It's forever
There's no turnin' back

Chorus #2:
When I'm gone baby, gone
Who will you turn to
When you need someone
Who will be there to love you
Do what I do
When I'm gone........

Robin McAuley

Michael Schenker


deaf_angel said...

yang akoustik live tu best eh..

tapi dalam banyak2 mcauley schenker group,
aku suka cd perfect timing.

dari start sampai abis, semua lagu gerek

Portdy said...

yup bro depp, tapi sayang band macam ni agak tenggelam....dah banyak sangat band masa tu kot...

err ni kira band project juga ke?

berteromber said...

setuju deaf..yang akoustik memang best.

tapi aku kalau zaman mcauley aku suka Save Yourself.

zan said...

Nice ballads..
1st time layan MSG..

Portdy said...

dah 3 orang setuju termasuk Encik Tuanrumah...akustik live version best!

sila layan,
jangan ambik lebih sangat...pening kepala nanti ...(lawak MSG =AJINAMOTO)