Monday, July 07, 2014

Bedroom Window


Masuk hari ni .. ini hari ke -6 kat dalam wad spital.

Pagi tadi jenguk ke luar tingkap ..teringat akan lagu zaman zaman this is  alternatif.
Zaman post - Kurt Cobainesque:

All alone in my room..
Sitting in the afternoon..
All i heard is those sad,sad..
Listen to what the said..
From the room window door..

Ordinary day...(3x)


Little by little..
Thats she wants it all..
About you..
If you find me..
Im over,over you..

Lying down on my bed..
As the day seem so sad..
Wishing on the sunshine..
Come and take me now..
From the room window door..

Bedroom Window - Nice Stupid Playground.