Thursday, May 21, 2009

To Sir with Love & inspirational teacher drama theme.

Pix: Sidney Poitier as Mark Thackeray.

My sis-inlaw (or nenek kebayan as i called her) has gave me informations about the "Teacher's Day" movie. Actually she forgot the title of the movie and only gave me the name of the protagonist and it is spelled like Tackery or Tackeray , something like that.
So , after done some research, this is what i've found out. The movie title is “To Sir With Love”.

2007_07_arts_poitier make salad


An engineer by trade, Mark Thackeray, gets a teaching post until he can find an engineering job. His posting is to teach the senior class at North Quay Secondary School in East London, a school in a tough neighborhood where even the most troubled of students are sent. The school is in a primarily white neighborhood where there is a strict moral code amongst the residents of race relations between them.
Encouraged by his female colleagues but given a sense of resignation by his male colleagues, Thackeray is having trouble with his class, who are openly disruptive. He is having issues with two students in particular, Denham and Miss Dare, issues which he will have to resolve carefully. After an incident which he considers the last straw, he comes to the realization of what his class really does need to learn. *

I really want to watch this movie and its sequel, even i know it is hard to find it at the store. I hope I'll have the chance to watch it, sooner or later.

gokusen Gokusen_Pic

There is another Japanese drama series called based on manga called Gokusen, introduced to me by Cikgu Wiween…(thanks Vween). I’m looking forward to buy it at JB, i guess i know where to find it (he he he).

And also some others inspirational teacher drama theme that i have found out the info just now: Lean On Me (1989), Music of the Heart (1999), Take The lead (2006), and Freedom Fighter (2007) .

That’s all , folks!


  1. * synopsis from IMDB.
  2. My english is bad so this is one way to improve it...writing my entry in english. Feel free to correct me if there is mistake. thank you.


berteromber said...

waa...need to comment in english also ar...hahaha..

bro...the easier way to find "hard to find dvd" is by downloading them...try rapidshare...pirate rules!!!! huhu..

Portdy said...


But Bro, my line is so slow (i'm using wifi ), it discouraged me to downloading movie via torrent etc..

i guess in Selat Melaka , pirate can't rules!
Maybe because the "Hang 5 bersaudara..."
Even captain Jack Sparrow showing White flag here ...

hehehe. Pathetic.

matakucing said...

oho it such a great mubi..i think its hard to teach among the white people bcoz the "sir" is nigger. This mubi is 70's or 80's ? ek leh rosak betul english aku hahaha

Portdy said...

yes bro Cateye...

racism is one of the issues in the movie,
its normal, people will look at the colour of your skin either is white, black , blue , or green...but the reality is our blood colour is all the same , red ....err... except for Lagenda Mahsuri.

by the way the film is from year 1967. A long long time ago you know?

matakucing said...

omg..1967? it's been long time a go..very the "kuno" la bro..thanks for sharing.

deaf_angel said...

tak pernah tengok lagi
tapi aku teringat Mind Your Language lak hehe

Portdy said...

Bro dep ,

ha ah , ni pun termasuk kategori sitkom sempena Hari Guru juga...sesuai sesuai hehe..
...ada sorang murid kelas dia tu (pompuan ) , pelakon dia tu asal dari Penang, Malaysia kalau tak silap.

eddie dewanaga said...

bro, jgn lupa 'To Sir With Love... part 2'

Sidney Poitier kembali sebagai Mr Thackeray, kembali ke Amerika dan mengajar di sebuah high school bermasalah... dia berdepan dgn social problem yg maha hebat yg menguasai sistem pendidikan US sekitar 80an... termasuk gangsterism!!!

kali ini juga dia sempat bertemu kekasih dulu sebelum dia berpindah ke England dulu.. dan juga anak lelakinya!!

Lebih kurang macam filem Dangerous Mind.

Portdy said...

Bro dragon,

dia punya sequel almost 20 years eh gap dia...

En tackeray tu pun dah tua agaknya..
kalau kat malaysia dah patut jadi pengetua gitu hehehe

:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

Bro! Mind Your Language penah tgk? drama masa gua kekecit. i like! huhuhu

Portdy said...


mustilah ingat ween

ingat nanti ada sen nak sambor dia punya collection dvd la huhuhuh