Friday, October 01, 2010

Salam 1Okto Nemut-nemut!


Salam 1Oktober , untuk anak saya Nemut-nemut. 
 yang hari ni genap berusia 4 tahun (papat orang Jawa bilang)


(nak bubuh jugak 1 kat depan hahaha)

 "Saya dengan Yeya !"
 "It takes two baby! Just me and You !"
(from the album "Standing on the Shoulder of the Giants")
little james
we're all the same
always seem to look to us
we weren't meant to be grown ups
thank you for your smile
You make it all worth while
to us

live for your toys
even though they make noise
have you ever played with plasticine
even tried a trampoline
thank you for your smile
you make it all worthwhile
to us

i'm singing this song
for you and yer mom
and that's all
it wont be long,
before everyone is gone

sailed out to sea
yer mom you and me
you swam the oceans like a child
life around us was so wild
thank you for your smile
you make it all worth while
to us

i'm singing this song
for you and yer mum
and that's all
it wont be long
before everyone is gone

 "Please pray for me Uncle and Aunty semua!"


SkiD said...

Selamat Hari eh...Selamat Hari Lahir...dah beso dah..

speedrider said...

dah besarr dah! Selamat hari jadi nemut-nemut!

berteromber said...

yeay...tahun depan dah sekolah tadika...

happy birthday nemut nemut!

matakucing said...

go go grows nemut nemut

Abang Ben said...

comey2 belaka

eddie dewanaga said...

all the best utk ibu ayah...

utk Nemut2, semoga pjg umur dan murah rezeki.

Takilala said...

happy birthday nemut nemut

deaf_angel said...

happy besday nemut2

rambut lawa.. uncle nak pinjam boleh? hehe

Portdy said...

uncle skid;
tenkiu uncle skid selamat hari raya dan selamat dapat moto baru!

uncle muspeeda;
emm dah besar dah nak kawin dah hehehe

tapi saya takut nak gi sekolah?

uncle cateye;
go go power rangers!

uncle ben;
tenkiuk uncle!comel like my father hehe

uncle eddie;'
hehe nak duit raya!

uncle takilala;
tenkiu! lama tak jumpa uncle.

unkle dep lep;

boleh! kita tukar rambut nak?